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Other services we offer include:





Whether it be an average size house block, acreage or property development, we can fell and remove your trees. Grinding of the stumps may be an option however if this is not sufficient due to footings, quantity of stumps etc, we might recommend they be left at 1.2 to 1.5 metres for excavation, it is always best to discuss this with your builder / excavator operator.  Accurate Tree Services work in with several Excavator operators and can obtain a prompt quote to excavate stumps on your behalf if required.




We sell Organic Forest Mulch which is a bi-product of our work. It is made up of chopped timber & leaves.  Forest Mulch acts like a protective blanket to keep essential nutrients & moisture in your soil while keeping away those unwanted weeds. 




We also use cranes/cherry pickers when branches are in close proximity to power lines where there is no margin for error or if a tree is unstable and not considered safe enough to be climbed without risk to the climber.




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